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Thematic Sections

The CGS congresses have always offered an opportunity to present our home academic institutions and the results of their work. The congress in Ostrava will not be different. Above all, however, we wish to continue in the discussion about the future of (not only) Czech geography which began in Liberec in 2008. I think that at present we are facing a turning point in the development of science when, on the hand, its role in the society grows, yet, on the other hand, the competition for limited resources available for research increases as well. This is also true for geography the importance of which could gradually diminish if we do not reflect upon, and react to, these trends.

Not very satisfactory accomplishments of geography (in the aforementioned context) force us to reflect upon the position of geography and the direction it needs to take. It is therefore logical that the principal theme of the congress will be the reflection of the current position of geography and its future course. Hence the congress title Geography for Life in the 21st Century.

In the following thematic sections we want to offer space for the presentation of different approaches, concepts, theories and paradigms which characterize the current state of Czech geography and which will determine, to an extent, its future development:

  • Geomorphology
  • Cartography and geoinformatics
  • Geoecology, landscape ecology, environmental geography
  • Meteorology, climatology and hydrology
  • Political and cultural geography
  • Socioeconomic geography and regional development
  • Historical geography
  • Geography in education
  • Methods in geography
  • Geography of the Ostrava region
  • Poster section

During the on-line registration it is possible to propose other sections or subsection which in your view corresponds better with the content of your paper. The Program Committee reserves right to merge and divide sections depending on the number and character of proposed papers.

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