The Changing Landscape of Professional Discourse / Fachkommunikation im Wandel

Plenary speakers

Anna Mauranen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Faculty of Arts
Department of Modern Languages

Professor Anna Mauranen works as principal investigator at English Philology, The Department of Modern Languages, the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki. The department has a key role in teaching specific disciplines in Finland. Her research interests are the processes that English is undergoing as a world language, focusing on contact-linguistic, typological and second language use research, the use of English as a lingua franca, the study of bi- and plurilingualism and the effects of bilingualism on teaching.

Her research is rooted in a number of methodological approaches, including corpus linguistic, ethnographic, and interactional analyses.

Research interests:

  • Lingua Francas and Plurilingualism
  • Global English
  • English as a Lingua Franca
  • English as a Lingua Franca in Academic Settings (ELFA)
  • the Study of Variation, Contacts and Change in English (VARIENG)
  • Hy-Talk (Research Project on Oral Proficiency in languages in compulsory basic education and general upper secondary education)


Theresa Lillis, The Open University, United Kingdom

Faculty of Education and Language Studies
Centre for Language and Communication

Professor Theresa Lillis is a Professor of English Language and Applied Linguistics in the Centre for Language and Communication at The Open University and the Director of the Research Group, Language and Literacies. She is currently Visiting Professor at Edge Hill University and co-convenor of an AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée) research network: Academic Publishing and Presenting in a Global Context.

Her key research area is writing; she has been researching writing for 18 years and her research framework and the so-called ‘text oriented ethnographic approaches’. She has four main areas of interest viz

  • student writing in higher education
  • academic writing for publication in a global context
  • writing in social work education and practice
  • writing with old and new technologies for popular political aktivity in the 21 century


Klaus-Dieter Baumann, Universität Leipzig, Germany

Faculty of Philology
Institute of Applied Linguistics and Translatology

Klaus-Dieter Baumann holds the chair in Applied Linguistics and LSP Research (English, Russian, German) at the University of Leipzig.

During his academic career Professor Baumann has published over 230 studies on numerous aspects of applied linguistics, as well as editing or co-editing a range of volumes and collections.

He is the author of five monographs on professional discourse and language for specific purposes, reflecting his specific areas of research interest:

  • text-linguistic approaches to professional discourse
  • interdisciplinary approaches to text analysis
  • cognitive analysis of professional discourse
  • intercultural description of text types (genres)
  • thinking styles in various fields of professional discourse

His current research focuses on intertextuality as a basis for text-type networks.

Norbert Richard Wolf, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany

Faculty of Arts I
Institute for German Philology

Norbert Richard Wolf held the chair in German Linguistics at the Institute for German Philology from 1976 to 2008. He has been an Emeritus Professor of the Institute since 2008.

At the core of his research interests are semantic issues - not primarily lexical semantics, but rather sentence and text semantics as well as the pragmatic/semantic effects of varieties of German in a range of contexts.

Particular areas of interest include:

  • sentence syntax in modern German, with a focus on valency and construction grammar
  • text grammar in German, particularly linguistic means of achieving textual coherence
  • multimodality in texts
  • varieties of German, dialectology
  • linguistic history, focusing on issues of language standardization in historical periods lacking dominant (prestige) varieties


10 July 2014 - Abstract submission

Plenary speakers

Theresa Lillis - The Open University, UK

Anna Mauranen - University of Helsinki, Finland

Klaus-Dieter Baumann - University of Leipzig, Germany

Norbert Richard Wolf - University of Würzburg, Germany